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GUI for interactive viewing of 3D volumes.


Updated 03 Jan 2006

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ORTHOVIEW is used to view orthographic slices of 3D volumes.

Download the m file to a folder and add it to your path.

From matlab run 'view3d' to open the GUI.

In the appropriate edit box, type in an expression that generates a 3D array then press the Load button.

3D expressions such as: rand(50,40,30) or the name or a 3D array variable in the workspace, for example, run load mri; D=squeeze(D); then enter D.

The 3 views (all except the lower right one) display orthographic projections.

Use the scroll bars to change the number of the slice viewed.

Use the transpose, flipud, or fliplr to transpose the view, flip it vertically, or horizontally.

Use update 3d to view the slices in a 3D view.

Check auto to obtain an automatic update of the 3D view of the slices (Note: this may affect performance).

Use cla to clear the 3D view this may improve performance.

Change the span values to the volume''s physical dimensions so the aspect ratio is displayed properly (note: you can use relative values for example use 1,3,2 instead of 0.5,1.5,1.0.

Global intensity scaling can now be enabled or disabled.

Press Apply to apply changes in span and intensity windowing.


Ghassan Hamarneh
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What is the difference when global intensity scaling is checked on or not?



out of memory as the variable D has these attributes:
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes

D 512x512x354 185597952 uint16

please help!

Martin Bergtholdt

Can't resize the window (linux), maximize button is disabled (why?). Slice-slider (scrollbar) should advance one slice when clicking on the arrows (or using cursor keys). Kind of sluggish, but this maybe due to Matlab.

Rosa Girardi

HELP ME.....I do not succeed to use view 3d

Daniel Simões-Lopes

Together with 'sliceomatic.m', these two GUIs offer simple and intuitive 3D visualization.

Gerard Ridgway

Didn't seem to work until I commented out line 163 "colormenu", (Matlab 7.0.1 rel-14 sp1)

Bat Jarvis

thank godness for this!

Sri Nag

Simple and Great

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R14SP1
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: OrthoView3D, 3D Volume Visualization

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