Waterfall Chart

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This function shows incremental changes in a vector graphically in as a waterfall chart.

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A waterfall chart shows the incremental changes between successive elements of a row vector. More information on waterfall charts can be found at:

This function takes a single row vector as an input. The colors of the bars are determined by the axes' colormap. The first row of the colormap is used for decreasing intervals - red by default. The second row of the colormap is used for increasing intervals - green by default. The third row of the colormap is used for the terminal values - blue by default.

The function returns a structure containing the handles to the patch object which (the bars) and the line objects (the connections between the bars).

An optional input parameter 'width' controls the width of the bars.


x = [1 2 4 3 6 5 3];
waterfallchart(x, 'width', 0.4);

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