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Puts axes in the center of a plot. Zooming, panning and some command line manipulations allowed.
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AXESCENTER(AX) puts axes in the center of axes AX. If AX is not specified, the current axes will be used. Many commonly used command line options are available to manipulate the center axes, as well as zoom and pan from the figure's menubar. See the help for a fuller description of features, and a demo.

This function relies on undocumented and unsupported properties, so it may not work on some versions of Matlab.

Tested on 2007a 2007b and 2006a.

Please email me about bugs and other concerns, and email me if this doesn't work on your version of Matlab. Thanks.

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Matt Fig (2024). axescenter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Inspirado por: PlotAxisAtOrigin

Inspiración para: oaxes - central axis lines through an origin

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Fixed problem of non-figure parents.

Input checking to insure axes handle is passed.