Display ws variables size in KB, MB or GB

Displays with appropriate unit of data storage. Sorting by size/name (non c.sensitive) is supported.
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Display in command window the size of the variables of the base workspace using KB, MB and GB

(1) WSSIZE Display preserving the order of the workspace pane using mixed units
(2) WSSIZE arg or WSSIZE('arg') One argument syntax
(3) WSSIZE arg1 arg2 or WSSIZE('arg1','arg2') Two arguments syntax

From p7v5 displays the grand total.

Arguments: should be char; max two arguments are allowed. Arguments are not case-sensitive.The order of the two types of arguments doesn't matter. Shortened arguments can be supplied ('s' instead of 'size').

For details see help
For examples see the attached image.

Aknowledgments: original idea by Bastiaan Zuurendonk, TMW technical support engineer. Implemented suggestions by Yair Altman (see comments)

Comments/suggestions/error reports are welcome.

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Oleg Komarov (2024). Display ws variables size in KB, MB or GB (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/26250-display-ws-variables-size-in-kb-mb-or-gb), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Versión Publicado Notas de la versión

Per Michael suggestion added grand total at the bottom. Restructured code.

Now 'size' sorts from smallest to biggest. Suggestion by Andy.

From 'base' to 'caller' size display.

Added reverse sorting and unit selection on suggestion by Yair Altman. Edited help. Added more checks.

Edited description; Added sorting by not case-sensitive name; Aknowledgments for Bastiaan Zuurendonk (TMW technical support engineer)