Smooth Triangulated Mesh

Accurate smoothing of triangulated patch / mesh

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This function smooths a triangulated Mesh / Patch.

Supports accurate curvature flow smoothing. Which smooths in the direction of the normal keeping the edge ratio's the same.
Also supports Laplacian smoothing with inverse vertice-distance based umbrella weights, making the edge lengths more uniform.

Can be used to smooth iso-surface meshes, for scale space and simplification of patches.

Mathieu Desbrun et al. "Implicit Faring of Irregular Meshes using Diffusion and Curvature Flow"
Alexander Belyaev. "Curvature Estimation"

The code is written in Matlab and partly in c-code for speed up reasons.

Please leave a comment in case of a bug, like the code, or know a good improvement.

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Dirk-Jan Kroon (2023). Smooth Triangulated Mesh (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Comments "\\" to "\* *\". Now the code works with the Linux Gcc compiler.