disptable - Display matrix with column or row labels

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Displays a matrix with per-column or per-row labels.

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Sometimes, rows or columns (or both) of a displayed matrix or vector have different meanings, and it would be nice to display them along with the matrix (instead of, say, remembering that the third row holds a given property of a set of data points). This function allows you to specify strings that are displayed for each column or row of the matrix.

Instead of specifying them using cell arrays of strings, the shorthand notation 'label 1|label 2|label 3|...' is allowed.

Displays matrix or vector M with per-column or per-row labels, specified in COL_STRINGS and ROW_STRINGS, respectively. These can be cell arrays of strings, or strings delimited by the pipe character (|).
Either COL_STRINGS or ROW_STRINGS can be ommitted or empty.

FMT is an optional format string or number of significant digits, as used in NUM2STR. It can also be the string 'int', as a shorthand to specify that the values should be displayed as integers.
SPACES is an optional number of spaces to separate columns, which defaults to 1.

disptable(magic(3)*10-30, 'A|B|C', 'a|b|c')
(See screenshot above.)

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