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Convert humidity between different formats.


Updated 16 Apr 2011

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Convert humidity between any two of the following formats:
- partial pressure of water vapor
- specific humidity
- mixing ratio
- relative humidity
- dew point temperature
- virtual temperature

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Felipe G. Nievinski (2020). convert_humidity (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Riley Toll

peng bai

When I wrote a function based on the equations on the books, I also get RH values larger than 100%, even up to 175%. The RH values are similar with that by Felipe's function, I mean, this program should be at least theoretically right.

peng bai

RH from this function can be over 100%....


@Andre: garbage in, garbage out? Please specify your input.


This code is crap. RH values should not exceed 100% by more than 1% ever. Thanks but no thanks

Felipe G. Nievinski

@hosseini: please take a look at the tests included in the bottom of file convert_humidity.m. For example, to convert specific humidity (s) to relative humidity (r) you'd do:
r = convert_humidity (P, T, s, 'specific humidity', 'relative humidity');
where P and T stands for pressure and temperature.


dear Felipe
I added the functions to my MATLAB but I don't know how to use the functions and syntaxes.Please help me.



I used this function to convert from specific humidity to relative humidity. A few of my values (about 6%) were above 100% relative humidity. The data I am using is straight from CMIP5, and has not been altered. All the variables are in the correct units. Any idea why I have impossible above 100% values?????? (there are some that are 100.2% and others that are 120%). The rest of the values look normal around 60 - 90 percent.


Included PDF describing formulation; applied more tags.

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