HandleGraphicsSetGe​t class

An extension of the handle graphics set/get class HGSETGET.
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The HGSETGETPLUS class allows the user to:

* Implement a handle class with a get/set interface.
* Define validation criteria for properties that are checked when the
method SET is called.
* Display those criteria for a given property or all the properties.
* Set defaults for the properties.
* Allow a variety of input types in a consistent manner.

>> h = hgsetgetplusTemplate

h =

hgsetgetplusTemplate handle

length: 0
unit: 'm'

Methods, Events, Superclasses

>> set(h)
length: 'double -and- scalar'
unit: '[ {m} | cm ]'

>> set(h,'unit','kg')
??? Error using ==> setOneProperty
Expected kg to match one of these strings:

m, cm

The input, 'kg', did not match any of the valid strings.

I would like to thank Jiro Doke for some ideas that got me started and for encouraging me to submit this.

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