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Fit Logistic Curve to a Data Set

version (11.7 KB) by Varuna De Silva
This is a Matlab GUI, that will try to fit a logistic function to a given set of data.


Updated 15 Feb 2012

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The method used in this work is based on a tutorial by David Arnold.

RUN The Logistic.m this will bring up the GUI.

1. Give the x values on a text file in column format
2. Give the y values on a text file in col format
3. 'Plot Initial' Button will plot the distribution
4. 'Find Fit' button will find the best fit
5. 'Reset' will remove the plot (Although I wanted to clean all the fields - did not have time)
5. K, G, Dm are the values in the following equation

y = K./(1+exp(-G*(x-Dm)));

6. SSE gives the sum of squred error between the fitted function and the actual data
7. CC give the correlation co-efficient between the fitted function and actual data

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Varuna De Silva (2022). Fit Logistic Curve to a Data Set (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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