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Simple way to show contextmenu on left click in a nice drop-down way.
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Use as follows:
hcmenu1 = uicontextmenu;
Try test_showcontextmenu.m for usage example.

This also contains a number of trivial routine functions:
%returns hObject's parent figure

getPositionOnFigure( hObject,units )
%returns absolute position of object on a figure

getRelPosition( hObject,units )
%get(hObject,'Position') with specific 'units'

getCurrentPoint( hFigure,units )
%get(hFigure,'currentpoint') with specific 'units'

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Versión Publicado Notas de la versión

added test_showcontextmenu4:
in this example, in contrast to test_showcontextmenu, right-click menu is shown below the button (not on click position)

Thanks to Jesse this now supports uipushtool and uitoggletool objects (toolbar items).
usage example provided in test_showcontextmenu3.

+support for lines etc. (objects without 'units' property (menu would be displayed on click position)
+"assert" removed with if..error