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Bisection Method

version (1.23 KB) by Brato CHAKRABARTI
A very simple piece of code to solve a equation. But may come handy at times.


Updated 12 Nov 2011

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The equation is of form, f(x) = 0. Provide the function, 'f' and provide two guesses. If the guesses are not according to bisection rule a message will be displayed on the screen.

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Jenny Khan

Just okey

xinyu fan

Erik Hoberg

muazam ali

shivam gaur

RJ Lluisma

Thank you very much Brato! Its very useful code. Saves a lot of time : )

Justin: The way to use this code is as follows (the way I used it)
lets say we are required to find the value of x in equation x2 -2x =2
Lets say our initilal extreme guesses are 0 and 4

eqn= @(x) (x^2)-2*x-2;
answer= bisection(eqn,0,4);

I hope it helps!

Romina Mir

Nuria Ortiz

For example, if my function is x^2, where do I define x?

Where do I enter the limits and the function?


very useful

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Inspired: Bisection Method Root Finding