Convert Vector to Arbitrary Waveform

Converts Matlab array / vector to waveform file that can be used on 3352xA waveform generator
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The Matlab function convertToArb(data,samplerate,fName) function allows you to turn vector /
array data into a waveform format that can be loaded onto Agilent's 3352xA
function / arbitrary waveform generators (33521A one channel and 33522A
two channel)

This function converts a row or colunm vector into a 3352xA generator
format .arb file (a waveform file that can be loaded onto the 3352xA).
The input vector should contain values expressed in Volts not exeding the
output limit of the generator.

input argument 'data' is the vector containing the waveform points

samplerate is the sample rate you would like to generate the values from
the 'data' vector. The total time of your waveform is equal to:
samplerate * numberofpoints in the file

fName is the name you want to assign to the .arb file that is created, for
instance "myArb.arb"

After the conversion the function outputs a .arb file it will be stored in
the current Matlab directory. You can then transfer the waveform to a
3352xA using a USB memory stick.

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