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Uniform Filter Bank

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This function can be used to design a uniform filter bank with M subbands.


Updated 08 Nov 2015

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This function can be used to design a uniform filter bank (with M analysis and M synthesis filters) so that the perfect reconstruction is almost achieved. The method is based on the optimization technique proposed in [1].
M= Number of subbands
m= A positive integer

[analysis_filters,synthesis_filters] are analysis and synthesis filters'
coefficients of the designed filter bank (each row is devoted to one filter). The
length of all filters is 2*(m*M). The amplitude response of the analysis filters will be shown at the end.


[1] T.Q. Nguyen, “Near-Perfect-Reconstruction Pseudo-QMF Banks”, IEEE
Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol. 42, No.1, 1994.

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