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Customize spaces between subplots in a figure
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Matlab's standard "subplot" function leaves large blank spaces around the plot boxes and gives the user no control over them. Spaceplots is an elementary function to get control over these spaces. I wanted to save space by making tight subplots, so I wrote this function. Thought it will be useful to others too.

>> Create your figure first, and then use spaceplots. It is a very non-intrusive function.

>> Works well with all subplot arrangements (including a mixture of large and small plots)

>> Preserves the axes line-up in the grid by manipulating insets properly

>> Does not work with multiple plots created in a figure by any function other than the Matlab default "subplot" function.

I hope the function is simple enough for anyone to rectify errors or make changes that suit them.

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Versión Publicado Notas de la versión

Included subplot.m for v3

v3.0: Uses undocumented Matlab property 'LooseInset' which makes the function much simpler and cleaner.

1. Fixed the issues occurring in successive uses of the function on the same figure.

1. Fixed issues arising from successive uses of the function on the same figure.