Creating and downloading waveforms -Tektronix 5000/7000 series AWGs

MATLAB® function to download arbitrary waveform to a Tektronix® 5000/7000 series AWG

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MATLAB® is a software environment and programming language with over 1,000,000 users and supports Tektronix® instruments through Instrument Control Toolbox.MATLAB is used with Tektronix instruments for important tasks including creating arbitrary waveforms,filtering acquired signals, analyzing and visualizing data, automating measurements, and generating reports.
This example works with Instrument Control Toolbox v2.7 and higher. This MATLAB function downloads a waveform to a Tektronix 5000/7000 series AWG and plays the waveform continuously on Channel 1. This function has been tested with a Tektronix AWG7122C arbitrary waveform generator but will probably work with most, if not all, of the Tektronix 5000/7000 series arbitrary waveform generators.

NOTE: This function requires that the user have a supported VISA installation. The AWGAddress is available from the VISA utility, once the instrument has been correctly configured.

To download a Getting Started Guide for using MATLAB with your Tektronix® instruments in 15 minutes, visit:

Information on using MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox for configuring and controlling instruments is available at:

For additional information on using MATLAB with Tektronix instruments, including MATLAB examples, demos, drivers, and videos, visit:

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