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Fast GMM and Fisher Vectors

version (5.42 MB) by Sebastien PARIS
Fast GMM (diagonal covariances only) with Kmeans initialization and Fisher Vectors


Updated 09 Nov 2012

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Fast GMM fitting (diagonal covariances only) with Kmeans initialization and Fisher Vectors computation
Based on the yael package

This toolbox can use BLAS/OpenMP API for faster computation on multi-cores processor.
It accepts dense inputs in single/double precision.

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Sebastien PARIS (2021). Fast GMM and Fisher Vectors (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

Max E

Has anyone successfully built this on Linux? I was able to build after adding the -fopenmp flag, defining min, etc. But the test_yael_gmm script doesn't run, yael_gmm causes a segmentation fault and sample_mvgm has a runtime error. Does anyone have a solution?

White Vison

Thank you Sebastien, use your method which is mentioned as below, I get the mexw64 finally...

Sebastien PARIS


Now matlab is no more accepting compiled mex-files included in the zip file sorry :(.

Do you encounter some pb for linux when compiling it ?. I know that it can working fine when linked with intel MKL or GOTOlib

Venkat R


Very useful submission.
Can you kindly upload linux mex files if possible. I am failing to compile using gcc on linux.

Thanks in advance

Sebastien PARIS

I forgot to mention that it's better to use the ICC compiler from Intel composer instead of MSVC for some linkage problems and/or crash. It's not my fault. Please download the excellent package to setup your intel compiler at :

Sebastien PARIS


For windows plateform, I observed some crashs when using the inshipped BLAS/LACPACK lib. Please download the intel MKL and you shoud mex functions as:

mex -v -DOMP -DBLAS yael_gmm.c "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\mkl\lib\intel64\mkl_core.lib" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\mkl\lib\intel64\mkl_intel_lp64.lib" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013\mkl\lib\intel64\mkl_intel_thread.lib" -largeArrayDims

Hope will help you.

P.S The main problems occurs usually during linkage and I can't check all configuration systems ..

jefferson shen

It's a excellent open source code, but it crashed on my platform when calling the yael_gmm() function. my platform is windows 7, matlab 2010b, compiler is Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. Thank you very much

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