Generates test sample(audio)

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Generates test samples by randomly combining a known set of test data.
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This is utility function used to generate test samples by randomly combining audio samples (encoded in wave format) located at a specified directory*

[out save_dir] = generateTestData(data_loc,n,len,[save,r])

Generates test sample(s) 'out' by randomly choosing test data located at 'data_loc'

eg., for
data_loc = [ 1,2,3,4,5 ]
generateTestData(data_loc,1,4) might return out = [ 5,7,1,7 ]

data_loc := /path/to/data from which audio sample(s) has to be generated.
n := #test samples to generate
len := #elements in each test sample.
save := boolean,
true - save the generated sample(s) to disk.
By default, saved at data_loc/samples/<out(n).name>.wav
false - do not save (default)
r := 0 - no repetetion [1]
k - #repetetions in each test sample (not implemented)

out(n) := generated test sample(s)

.srate := sampling rate of the generated sample [2]
.data := the data
.name := name of the generated sample

[1] Repetetions is allowed by default; use r=0 to turn off repetetion.
[2] In-consistencies in sampling rate amoungst the test data would yield
unpredictable sampling rate (although with-in test data) of generated sample.

* This program uses the 'combinator' written by Matt Fig to randomly combine the test data.
(You can download it here :

** This is my first program written in Matlab. I wrote this utility function as a part of my lab work in Audio. Suggestions and inputs are always welcome.

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Inspirado por: COMBINATOR -combinations AND permutations

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