mex setup for windows x64 intel c compiler 13 (XE)

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mex -setup icc13 linker options
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Put these files to mexopts dir,like
d:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2012b\bin\win64\mexopts\

and then type >>mex -setup

Now there should be two new strings like

[1] Intel C++ 13.0 (with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 linker) in %ICPP_COMPILER13%
[3] Intel C++ 13.0 in %ICPP_COMPILER13%

Second option uses native Intel C++ 13.0 linker, which is required, for example, for /Qipo optimization.

Both files contain very basic "safe" optimization options.
To be able to get more speed out of ICC without modifying these "*.bat" files each time,(and for some basic ICC optimization options examples) see another my submission - ICC_mex_tools: .

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