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These tools provide a simple interface to Intel C++ compiler optimization features.
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Why do we need these tools?

When using more sophisticated compilers, like Intel C++ 13, serious speedup might be achieved by "playing" with optimization options.

Sets of options, which you repeatedly use, tend to group to "profiles".

In matlab, you can use "mex @" syntax to re-use mex command line options.

Though, 1) there would be no auto-completion, 2) you won't be able to automatically execute some required routines (like "clear mex").

These "ICC_mex_tools" demonstrate an easy way to maintain your compilation files.


How to use:

Let's try to compile included example (thanks to Jan Simon for a perfect function).

This function is not very computation-intensive, it's just an example.

Just include it's directory to matlab path and try
>> mex_default(mexdirs_GetFullPath)
>> mex_ICC_O3(mexdirs_GetFullPath)
and so on.

You'll find further information in these files comments.
If you're familiar with ICC, Open MP, IPO, PGO and other related stuff - it won't take long... If you don't know anything about these methods - pay attention to links to intel documentation on these features.

These tools are supposed to be used with Intel C++ compiler, to connect Intel C++ 2013 Compiler to R2012b see
another my submission:

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added direct link to "mex setup for windows x64 intel c compiler 13 (XE)"