Round Dates and Times

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Round dates/times to the selected unit (round/floor/ceiling).

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This function rounds datetime or serial date numbers or date vectors to the nearest year, month, day, hour, minute, or second. With a choice of rounding, floor, or ceiling.

### Examples ###

Examples use the date+time described by the vector [1999,1,3,15,6,48.0568].

ans = [1999,1,3,15,6,48]

ans = [1999,1,3,15,6,48]

ans = [1999,1,3,15,7,0]

datevec(dateround([1999,1,3,15,6,48.0568],5)) % 5=='minute'
ans = [1999,1,3,15,7,0]

ans = [1999,1,3,15,6,0]

ans = [2000,1,1,0,0,0;1999,12,31,23,59,59]

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* Improve summary


* Add error IDs.

* Update FEX screenshot

* Update screenshot

* Update FEX screenshot


* Fixed orientation bug.
* Supports datetime inputs.
* Added HTML documentation.

* Make string arguments case insensitive.
* Improve input argument checking.

- Revert conversion precision adjustment to original value.

- Fixed incorrect order when rounding multiple dates.
- Improve internal precision management.

- Now only returns Date Numbers. This simplifies the code and the help comments.

- Fix bug in 'ceiling'.
- Unit tokens changed to match datestr8601/datenum8601 tokens.
- Simplify date format selection code.