Visual Studio Toolbar for mex interface with video tutorial

Seamless interface, VS 2010 and 2012 and Matlab for MEX. Video linked to step you through.

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Automatically sets up debugging and running of MEX files from Visual Studio.
There is now a visual studio extension (simple click plugin type of install):

The old type of Macros (that are not supported in newer versions of Visual Studio) are kept in the same zip file.

Video tutorial on my page:

On youtube:

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Just changed the description to include VS 2012, which is fully supported

updated the video tutorial

There is now a visual studio extension, instead of just Macros. Simple click install for both VS 2010 and 2012

- Only one open session of the thin matlab in the background.
- Added save check of current document

Quick Fix previous upload.

1. Added a macro "CompileWMatlab", which only compiles and builds the code in matlab.
2. Added remarks at the top of the VB file that details how to install the macros.
3. tidied up the example mex files

Added the link to the videos