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Sector Projection Fourier Descriptor

version (2.58 KB) by Li Dong
Sector Projection Fourier Descriptor for Chinese Character Recognition.


Updated 13 Sep 2013

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% This Function script is used to extract TRP feature (used to compare) and SP-FD feature
% The related papers:
% [1] Y. Tang, H. Cheng and C. Suen. “Transformation-Ring-Projection(TRP) algorithm and its VLSI implementation,” % International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, vol. 5, pp. 25-56, 1991.
% [2] L. Dong, J. Wang, Y. Li, Y. Tang. "Sector Projection Fourier Descriptor for Chinese Character Recognition"
% IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics, to be appear, 2013.

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In this program extract the features of image. How we found dissimilarity of feature values of many images?




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