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Converting Dataset Simulation results to Excel Spreadsheet

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Two simple functions that convert a Dataset parameter, containing Simulink Simulation data, to excel

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Many times when running simulations, you want to take the results, and use them in an excel spreadsheet, or convert them to a text format.
The supplied functions enable you to save the simulation results to excel, or import other scenarios into MATLAB, in a Dataset format valid for running simulations with Simulink.
Including sample excel spreadsheet, a Simulink model to create a Dataset, and a Simulink model to run the imported scenario. The functions are documented and pretty much self-explanatory.

Option 1 - Simulink to Excel:
Open and run the model 'example_Simulink'. This will create a parameter named 'logsout' in the workspace.
Run the following command - Dataset2XLS(logsout, 'example_data.xlsx') , and an excel spreadsheet named 'example_data' will be created in the current directory.

Option 2 - Excel to Simulink:
Run the function new = XLS2Dataset('example_Dataset.xlsx')
Open the model example_ReadDS. View the Data Import/Export pane in the Configuration parameters,
and see how the data is used.

*** Notes:
Tested on Microsoft Excel Version 2010.

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