Create a title for a figure with multiple subplots.
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figtitle creates a title centered at the top of a figure. This may be used to add a title to a figure with several subplots.
h = figtitle(...)

figtitle('TitleString') centers a title at the top of a figure and sets the figure name to 'TitleString'.

figtitle('TitleString','TextProperty',TextValue) formats the title with property name value pairs (e.g., 'FontSize',20)

h = figtitle(...) returns a handle h of the newly-created title.


figtitle('My Title')

figtitle('My Title','fontweight','bold')

figtitle('My Title,'fontsize',18,'fontangle','oblique')

h = figtitle('My Title');

In many cases a figure title may overlap a subplot title. To reduce ambiguity, try pairing this function with the ntitle function, which is available on the Mathworks File Exchange here: The image for this FEX upload was created using the figtitle and ntitle example given in figtitle.m.

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