Numeric to Ordinal-String

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Convert numeric values to a string array of integers with ordinal suffixes. Fully vectorized!

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Convert a numeric array into a string array of the rounded values with ordinal suffixes, e.g. 1 -> "1st".
Similar to MATLAB's IPTNUM2ORDINAL (image toolbox) and NUM2ORDINAL (mapping toolbox) and other files available on FEX, except that NUM2ORD:
  • accepts a numeric array of any size,
  • accepts a numeric array of any class (float, int or uint),
  • returns a string array (not a character array!),
  • is fully vectorized (no loops or ARRAYFUN calls are used or required),
  • provides the correct ordinal suffixes for numeric values ending in 11, 12, or 13.
The optional second input selects between returning the integer and ordinal suffix (default), or just the ordinal suffix by itself.
Character Output
For MATLAB versions prior to R2017a please download version 1.5.2 (with character array output).
>> num2ord(1)
ans = "1st"
>> num2ord(1:6)
ans = ["1st","2nd","3rd","4th","5th","6th"]
>> num2ord([1;11;111;1111])
ans = ["1st";"11th";"111th";"1111th"]
>> num2ord(100:113,true)
ans = ["th","st","nd","rd","th","th","th","th","th","th","th","th","th","th"]
>> num2ord(intmax('int64')-4)
ans = "9223372036854775803rd"
>> num2ord([-1,-0,0;-Inf,NaN,Inf])
ans = ["-1th","-0th","0th";"-Infth","NaNth","Infth"]

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