Progress bar for matlab loops (incl. parfor)

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A progress bar that shows what percentage of a loop has finished. Based on parfor_progress.
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I modified parfor_progress written by Jeremy Scheff File ID: #32101 to allow for multiple instances being run in the same folder.

%PROGRESSBAR Progress bar class for matlab loops which also works with parfor.
% PROGRESSBAR works by creating a file called progressbar_(random_number).txt in
% your working directory, and then keeping track of the loop's
% progress within that file. This workaround is necessary because parfor
% workers cannot communicate with one another so there is no simple way
% to know which iterations have finished and which haven't.
% METHODS: ProgressBar(num); constructs an object and initializes the progress monitor
% for a set of N upcoming calculations.
% progress(); updates the progress inside your loop and
% displays an updated progress bar.
% stop(); deletes progressbar_(random_number).txt and finalizes the
% progress bar.
% N = 100;
% p = ProgressBar(N);
% parfor i=1:N
% pause(rand); % Replace with real code
% p.progress; % Also percent = p.progress;
% end
% p.stop; % Also percent = p.stop;
% To suppress output call constructor with optional parameter 'verbose':
% p = ProgressBar(N,'verbose',0);
% To get percentage numbers from progress and stop methods call them like:
% percent = p.progress;
% percent = p.stop;
% By: Stefan Doerr
% Based on: parfor_progress written by Jeremy Scheff File ID: #32101

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Más información sobre Parallel for-Loops (parfor) en Help Center y MATLAB Answers.

Inspirado por: Progress monitor (progress bar) that works with parfor

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Replaced system('rm') with matlab delete function to make compatible with windows

Removed dependency on the statistics toolbox for the varargin

I renamed the output file and added more detailed description