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PMSG based Wind Power Generation System Connected to Controllable Recifier

version (130 KB) by Dr. Siva Malla
PMSG based wind power generation system is connected to controllable three phase rectifier.


Updated 29 Apr 2014

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3-phase rectifier connected from PMSG based wind power generation system. in this model we can regulate DC voltage at how much we want. However, I didn't tune it properly for frequency and L, R....Readers have to connect C filter after rectification. This model is only to understand how to regulate the output voltage from PMSG based wind energy system with 3-phase controllable rectifier. If you interface MPPT algorithm then rectifier may work for MPPT converter.

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Dr. Siva Malla (2021). PMSG based Wind Power Generation System Connected to Controllable Recifier (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

Dr. Siva Malla
Thank you very much, do you have any reference on which this model is based.

Mustafa Muhamed

please send me this simulation

haider ali

Jim Carry

Ivan Shevchenko

Thanks a lot.

subhendu sekhar

sam sam

teddy johaab

please can any ones here help with how to develop and integrate MPPT for small wind turbine? please help with a model...very urgent sirs/madams....thanks!


nice sir........

Jake Maraks

How do you get the wbase of 152.89? Help anyone

vinod hiremani

sufficient information

Manh nguyen huu


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