Round numbers to nearest fraction.

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This function rounds inputs to multiples of a fraction. For example, to round values in an array x to the nearest fifth, use roundfrac(x,1/5).

Xrounded = roundfrac(X,fraction)
Xrounded = roundfrac(X,fraction,option)

Xrounded = roundfrac(X,fraction) rounds X to multiples of nearest fraction. If fraction is a scalar, it is applied to all values in X. If dimensions of fraction match dimensions of X, it is applied element-wise. If fraction is 1/3, values of X are rounded to the nearest one third. roundfrac(X,1) is equivalent to round(X).

Xrounded = roundfrac(X,fraction,option) specifies an option string as 'floor', 'ceil', 'fix', or 'round'. Default rounding option is 'round'.

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Inspirado por: round2, ROUND2, roundn(x,n) returns x rounded to n digits.

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