Perceptually uniform colormaps

New Improved colormaps taken from python.

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Perceptually uniform colormaps adds 4 new colormaps that are:

1) Perceptually uniform (delta color is equal in all delta data)
2) Colorblind friendly
3) Good at grayscale conversion
4) Pretty!

Colormaps have been taken from , the discussion of the new default colromaps in python's matplotlib.

It should work for any Matlab release (both with the new and old graphics handles)

Colormaps created by: Stéfan van der Walt and Nathaniel Smith.
The colormaps have been published under a (CC0) Creative Commons License by the original authors. I do not own any copyright on them, this is a simple repackaging of the colormaps for MATLAB.

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Ander Biguri (2023). Perceptually uniform colormaps (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Licence information

Fixed unnecessary preallocation

Updated error when interpolating in HSV from 1-0 and changed the name of parula to avoid shadowing.

Colormaps have a name now: Magma, Inferno, Plasma and Viridis.

Improved speed of interpolation and modified demo2 for fanciness.

Updated bug in demos

py_D_cmap changed name to its official name: viridis

added info and updated colormaps and demo to accept an argument for the size of the colormap
Now Colormaps accept an optional argument for the size of them, as Matlab colromaps do.