Really simple IoT writer tool - adding data bursts, named fields and efficency option
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Writing data from Matlab to is extremely easy (type "doc webwrite" in matlab and check the first example). This class adds three features: (1) Fifo for short bursts of data beyond the 15 s limit (2) An optional powershell script that brings down write time from an unpredictable 0.35-5 seconds to a known 0.035 seconds on any connection. (3) The general ease of working with an object. You see directly what you can do and how to do it.
Example 1 - Minimal:
t = thingSpeakWriterClass('8Y3SNIGB3MDGCDUJ');

Example 2 - Named fields:
t = thingSpeakWriterClass('8Y3SNIGB3MDGCDUJ');
t.readFieldNames(45789); %Read and display the channel setup from
data.Appetite = 5;
data.status = 'Bring me pizza or you shall...';
ok = t.write(data); %ok <= 0 on fail. = entryID on success.

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Björn Skatt (2024). thingSpeakWriterClass (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Más información sobre ThingSpeak en Help Center y MATLAB Answers.

Inspirado por: ThingSpeak support from MATLAB (R2013a-R2014a)

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Added white space in description (how hard can it be)?

Just edited the description

Version 1.2 allows writeMode = 'powershell' to write:
data.status = 'PS ok: !"#¤%&/()=?´´@£$€{[]}\+;:,.-_<>|§½¨^~''*'
Characters '"\;#&' are silently removed and the rest is passed on.
OBS! The standard writeMode = 'webwrite' writes any string.

Fixed a couple of typos in the documentation and added a new example