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Wind Rose / Energy Rose

version (4.01 KB) by Vincent Wilms
This file creates a wind rose of input data (e.g. wind direction and wind speed)


Updated 02 Apr 2016

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The purpose of this submission is to provide a simple to use wind rose generator which bins the data for you. It is also possible to create an energy rose.
WindRoseData = WindRose(AxisHandle, WindDirectionData, Data, ...
WindDirectionBins, WindSpeedBins, CirclePositions, ...
Title, varargin)

WindRoseData = WindRose(gca, 360 * rand(1000, 1), 40 * rand(1000, 1), ...
0 : 30 : 330, 2.5 : 5 : 37.5, [5 10 15 20], ...
'My first wind rose!');

The basic idea came from this submission: The best results are procuded using a recent MATLAB version, because of the new anti-aliasing for plots.

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Mahlon Rambukkange

Vincent Wilms

You can do the following: WindRose(gca, WaveDirectionVector, WaveEnergyVector, [0 inf], [5 10 15 20], 'My first energy rose!', '-IsEnergyRose')

here is an example with wind energy using random 10 minute average wind speed, 135 m rotor diameter and the energy unit in kJ:
WindRose(gca, 360 * rand(1000, 1), 1.225/2 * (40 * rand(1000, 1)).^3 * pi*135 * 600 / 1000, 0 : 30 : 330, [0 inf], [5 10 15 20], 'My first energy rose!', '-IsEnergyRose')

If you need the actual amount of energy per direction instead of probabilities, you can get them via:
data = WindRose(...)


please how can i draw energy rose? i am doing statistical analysis of wave energy in coastal region.

Vincent Wilms

@ Thurian Le Dû: The legend shows the mapping between the colors of the wind rose and the related wind speed range. In the example image the dark red color represents all wind speed values between 35 and 40 m/s (or any other unit). The thickness of the rounded color bars (within the wind rose graph) is related to the frequency of occurence of that wind speed. And the circles and percentages show the overall frequency of occurence for a certain wind direction.


Thank you very much,is very helpful for me!

Thurian Le Dû

Thank you for this awesome work !
I have one question : What means the legend at the bottom right and the circle in percent ?


Yuki Kita

Vincent Wilms

Hi Joanathan, thanks for your feedback and your good idea. I've implemented this feature now. You can disable everything using '-DisableDecorations' or more specific elements like '-DisableNSEW', '-DisableCross', etc.


Thanks very much for this submission, Vincent. I'm getting good-looking, nicely-presentable results already. I've made a subplot of monthly wind fields for a met station, and I'm realizing that it would be really nice to have the option to turn off the various labels (NESW, %, m/s bins) easily. I've had success going back into your code and commenting out the relevant lines, but if you do end up updating this code at some point in the future, it might be worth adding this option in. Well done!


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2013a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Wind_rose

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