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Core_twitter: A wrapper for the Python package Tweepy to interface with the Twitter API

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A wrapper for the Python package Tweepy to interface with the Twitter API


Updated 28 Oct 2015

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Oct. 2015-
If you want to access the Twitter API through MATLAB, this code will help you do it. Further, this code was added to the MATLAB File Exchange (MFE) for everyone who has had trouble with the popular "twitty". Too often files found on the MFE are deprecated. This file will likely suffer the same fate, but I think it will remain robust for a while, because it is merely a wrapper for a well maintained Python package called Tweepy.
The object that is created by Core_twitter.m has only a single method, which can be used to update a user's Twitter status. However, Tweepy has much more functionality, which can be accessed through the API property of the Core_twitter object. Visit the Tweepy API github page to learn more about the many methods it contains and take a look at the Core_twitter.m to see an example of how Python and MATLAB are used together in the update_status method. The file has only a dozen lines of pertinent code, so be bold!
Please note, a compromise in using a Python package is that data structures returned by the Tweepy API are Python types, so some massaging is required to convert this data into standard MATLAB data types.

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Added a "readme" type file to better understand how to setup Python and MATLAB together for Twitter.

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Inspired by: twitty

Inspired: Core_jsonparser: Import and Export JSON files using MATLAB