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Shape from focus

version 1.5 (2.02 MB) by Said Pertuz
Estimate depthmap and reliability measure from focus sequence using SFF


Updated 01 Nov 2018

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This function estimates a depthmap and a reliability measure from defocused image sequences using shape-from-focus [1]. According to [2], depth for pixels with a reliability measure below 20 dB is not reliable and should be descarded. This code has been used in [2] and [3]. For a demo, just run 'sffdemo'
[1] S.K. Nayar and Y. Nakagawa, IEEE Trans. Patt Anal. Mach. Intell. 16(8):824-831, 1994.
[2] S. Pertuz, D. Puig, M. A. Garcia, Reliability measure for shape-from focus, Image Vis. Comput. 31:725–734, 2013.
[3] S. Pertuz, D. Puig, M. A. Garcia, Analysis of focus measure operators for shape-from-focus, Pattern Recognition. 46(5): 1415-1432, 2013.

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Great work. It helps a lot.



Fixed some bugs in handling color images

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Inspired by: Defocus simulation, Focus Measure

Inspired: Extended depth-of-field