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Shaded area error bar plot

Error bar plot with filled area curves.


Updated 09 Oct 2018

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This function plots the mean and standard deviation of a set of data filling the space between the positive and negative mean error using a semi-transparent background, completely customizable.

Input parameters:
- data: Data matrix, with rows corresponding to observations and columns to samples.
- options: (Optional) Struct that contains the customized params.
* options.handle: Figure handle to plot the result.
* options.color_area: RGB color of the filled area.
* options.color_line: RGB color of the mean line.
* options.alpha: Alpha value for transparency.
* options.line_width: Mean line width.
* options.x_axis: X time vector.
* options.error: Type of error to plot.
if 'std', one standard deviation;
if 'sem', standard error mean;
if 'var', one variance;
if 'c95', 95% confidence interval.
Example of use:
data = repmat(sin(1:0.01:2*pi),100,1);
data = data + randn(size(data));

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Víctor Martínez-Cagigal (2019). Shaded area error bar plot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Anoop B J


I am having a problem with setting the x axis right. Other things seem to work fine. But the x axis is only drawn between 1 and 2. Could you help out with that please?

Below is the data I am working with. I want to plot a scatterplot with shaded confidence intervals.

a = [146.146 154.006
144.498 148.602
117.563 145.987
108.53 113.418
109.366 119.78
128.15 132
115.02 120.584
122.88 125.69
140.109 150.013
99.347 100.333
112.768 113.58
104.246 114.114

When I try
plot_areaerrorbar(a), the x axis is between 1 and 2. I am not able to understand how to make the plot to be the same length as my data.

Rob Campbell

Might be neater with an input parser instead of the structure for the optional arguments:



Thank you. Excellent function.





Due to changes in std() function, now calculates the proper standard deviation across observations.

Title is modified.

Now the function displays one standard deviation up and one down.

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