Adds zoomed plot inset to current axes.

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Adds a zoomed plot inset to current axes, for use in highlighting a subarea of the current plot.
[p,z] = zoomPlot(x,y,xbounds,pos,vertex) where:
x,y = vectors being plotted
xbounds = [x1 x2] specifies the zoom indices, where x1 is the
first x value displayed in the zoom plot and x2 is the last.
pos = [left, bottom, width, height] specifies the location and
size of the side of the zoom box, relative to the lower-left
corner of the Figure window, in normalized units where (0,0)
is the lower-left corner and (1.0,1.0) is the upper-right.
vertex = toggles connecting lines corresponding to vertices, where 1
corresponds to the top left vertex and continuing clockwise,
4 corresponds to the bottom left vertex. Any/all 4 vertices can
be included.

p = axes handle for larger plot
z = axes handle for zoom plot
Note that the title, labels, and legend of the larger plot should be designated BEFORE placing the zoom plot. Otherwise, zoomPlot returns the handle of the original axes (p), and the title can be changed using "p.Title.String = title_string", etc.

% x and y data
x = [0; 5; 10; 10.1; 10.25; 10.5; 11.34; 22.83; 43; 119; 257];
y = 2*exp(-1/8*x)+1/3*exp(-2*x)+0.2*rand(length(x),1);
hold on

% fit an exponential function to data
f1 = fit(x,y,'exp2');

% set major axes legend, title, and labels
title('How far does the apple fall?')
xlabel('Distance from tree')
legend('Experimental Data','Multi-Exponential Fit')

% zoomPlot to highlight a portion of the major plot
[p,z] = zoomPlot(x,y,[5 50],[0.33 0.35 0.3 0.55],[1 3]);
hold on
legend hide

% Forgot to add a title/label/legend to the original plot?
p.YLabel.String = 'Apples';

Kelsey Bower (kelsey.bower@case.edu) 10/20/15

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