Reader class for Photron .mraw-Files

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Reads 8 - 16 bit monchrome and color image data from Photron .mraw (and .cih) files

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MRAW - Read 8 - 16 bit monchrome and color Photron image data as a class
C=MRAW('c:\Photron\Filename') loads video infos from 'c:\Photron\Filename' into class C.

This class must be handed the common *.cih and *.mraw file name.
A file extension is not allowed.
his function is intended for color and monochrome 8 to 16 bit *.mraw files.
NOTE: Both the *.cih file and the *.mraw file are utilized
partly adapted from Autor: SEP Creation Date: June 20,2013

Added support for 8 to 16 bit.
Added support for big/little endian bit order.
Added support for variable header information.
Lookup table transformation to 16 bit output.
Included LUT Function to class.
Included Videoplayer with VideoFig from João Filipe Henriques.
Autor: Markus Lindner Creation Date: Feb 24,2017

Added ExtendedInfos from .cih file
Autor: Markus Lindner Creation Date: Mar 23,2017


Load image 10
Image = C.getFrame(10);
Access camera setup Framerate
fRate = C.FrameRate;
Play whole Video with LUT
C = mraw('c:\Photron\Moviefile');
lastImage = C.TotalFrames;
for i = 1:lastImage
Play whole Video with included Player
C = mraw('c:\Photron\Moviefile');;

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