IMRESIZEN: resize an N-dimensional array

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An N-dimensional analog of the imresize() function

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This file is an N-dimensional analog of the imresize() function from the Image Processing Toolbox. Namely, it allows one to perform a stretch or contraction of an N-dimensional image by some factor, or a different factor along each dimension. No toolboxes are required to use it, but it doesn't handle color images.




X: n-dimensional input array (single or double)
scaling: scaling factor(s) as scalar or n-vector. Scalings along singleton dimensions of X are always ignored.
extrapMethod: extrapolation method (same options as for griddedInterpolant). Default is linear interpolation.


Y: resized array



(1) imresizen(img4D,2);
(2) imresizen(img4D,1./[3,2,1,4]);
(3) imresizen(___, 'cubic')

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