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Matlab program for Joukowski Airfoil

version (2.01 KB) by Vasishta Bhargava
Joukowski mapping function, Airfoil, Thickness, Camber


Updated 11 Mar 2019

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This program is written in matlab, and uses the Joukowski mapping method, to transform a circle in complex z-plane to desired airfoil shape.i.e either symmetric or cambered airfoil
If the displacement of circle is done only in real axis (x-axis) then it results in symmetric airfoil
If the displacement of circle is done both in real and complex axis (x & y directions) then it results in cambered airfoil
It also requires a circle of specific radius. The ratio of the circle radius to its displacement in the z-plane determines the thickness of the airfoil and camber is calculated using the reference circle centered at origin.
The program plots the contours of the normalized streamlines around the circle /cylinder and around mapped airfoil

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Vasishta Bhargava (2020). Matlab program for Joukowski Airfoil (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Very good job


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