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Engineering Dynamics Case 3 App

version (64.8 KB) by George Baker
Dynamic model of CSTR from Engineering Dynamics ENG2120 coursework Case 3


Updated 18 Dec 2017

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This is a recreation of the code used for Case 3 in the ENG2120 coursework, but re-applied using MATLAB App Designer. It demonstrates graph manipulation from a user control (by clearing all previous plots, or adding the next plot to the same graph, etc...) , as well as being a good introduction to object orientated coding in MATLAB. This was created as a learning tool for working in MATLAB app designer in future projects.
<b>What it models</b>
This app shows the concentration of an arbitrary chemical (called A), in a simple first order conversion reaction of A -> B, over time. The reaction occurs in a Continous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) with a constant volume of liquid in the tank (hence inlet flow-rate = outlet flow-rate). The user can vary four parameters regarding the CSTR, including: Concentration of A in the feed stream, Initial concentration of A in the CSTR, Flow rate of the inlet and outlet streams, and the volume of liquid in the tank.

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