MATLAB and Simulink support for hardware components used in the Arduino Engineering Kit.
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Note: This version is for MATLAB release R2018b only.

For MATLAB R2018a please use this file here:

For MATLAB R2019a and later, please use this file here:

This package includes MATLAB and Simulink files that allow users to communicate with and control the sensors and actuators used in the Arduino Engineering Kit, most of which are connected through the MKR Motor Carrier. This includes:
• DC motor – control up to 4 DC motors simultaneously
• Servo motor – control up to 8 servo motors simultaneously
• Encoder – read up to 2 encoders simultaneously
• Tachometer – read rotational speed from the hall sensor on the motorcycle’s inertia wheel
• BNO055 IMU sensor – read from the accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope
• Ultrasonic sensor – measure the distance to an object
• LiPo Battery – read the battery voltage

Examples are included to demonstrate how to use the MATLAB functions and Simulink blocks included in this package.

Learn more about the Arduino Engineering Kit at

Important notes:
1) After installing this toolbox, type the following command in MATLAB to open the ReadMe
>> edit ArduinoKitHardwareSupportReadMe.txt
2) Be sure to follow the steps in this file, as it provides instructions on downloading the Arduino library for the MKR Motor Carrier. This library is required for some of the functionality to work.

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