ReadLandSat8 Housekeeping Data

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This package provides some routines to read two types of LandSat8 Text Files

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Users of the EarthExplorer Website "" can download LandSat 8 imagery. In addition to the imagery itself the Level 1 dataset includes 1 specific text files that provide critical values needed to understand the imagery. The routines provided here can be used to parse/decode two specific files. One end in *_ANG.txt and the
other in *_MTL.txt . The data retrieved are stored in a simple struct array that the user can then easily use. The struct field names strictly follow the names in the text file so the user will have no doubt what the data refers to. To use the routines the user merely has to have the data files somewhere on the computer drive. A single example text file of each type has been provided with this submittal

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