Multi-Threading w/ MEX: Adding Two Vectors

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A basic MEX function that adds two vectors together, but utilizes multiple threads. Created as a way to learn MEX multi-threading.

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In order to optimize certain pieces of a simulation, I tried to build out a multi-threaded algorithm for solving certain linear algebra problems that I couldn't find good solutions to in various libraries or that couldn't be vectorized in proper MATLAB code.

Since I found a lot of the tutorials available online very confusing, once I figured things out I thought it would be handy to share what I learned. With thanks to Yair Altman and his multi-threading example from 2018 that included all of the information I needed to finally figure things out:

To add non-Windows compatibility, you can add in pthreads by following along with Yair's example.

This needs to be compiled with the command, "mex -R2018a madd.cpp"

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