BJT Analysis Untethered & Unleashed

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Database unenabled upgrade version of previously submitted material(BJT Analysis Unleashed )

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The primary aim is to access a true relational database for all required device parameters and any subset of Universal constants in a MATLAB (.m) file as part of generating a stand-alone version of an earlier submitted material (Matlab Central submit # 51229 ), and remove any hard-coded constants from the MATLAB (.m) file(s). This example also is a demonstration on how to build a stand-alone application and access a production grade relational database in the process.

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Siamak Mohebbi (2022). BJT Analysis Untethered & Unleashed (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Inspirado por: BJT Analysis Unleashed (or NOT)

Inspiración para: MIT Coffee-Can Radar (Data Analysis) Unleashed

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