Label images too big to fit in memory!

versión 1.1.0 (12 MB) por Brett Shoelson
labelBigImage is a full-featured app designed to facilitate labeling/ground-truthing of arbitrarily large images

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Actualizada 15 Apr 2020

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This app creates a thumbnail overview of the whole image, from which you can navigate to full-resolution subimages. Label rectangular or free-form regions at either resolution, using manual tools or automated algorithms. Use built-in automation routines, or build and import custom ones. Tune an automation algorithm on one subimage, and automatically apply it to all or a specified portion of the overall image (at full resolution). Lots of bells and whistles:

* Interface seamlessly with other apps to create custom segmentation algorithms
* Manage overlapping regions
* Manage multi-session labeling
* Validate auto-generated labels
* Generate training chips
* Auto-save so no effort is lost
* Recall previous labels
* Use built-in shortcuts
* Maintain preferences
* Much more!

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Brett Shoelson (2022). Label images too big to fit in memory! (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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