joyPlot - Ridgeline data representation

Plot several datasets in a single axis using the ridgeline representation.
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Actualizado 23 abr 2020

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This function plots the given datasets in a single figure and axis, and resembling the cover of Joy Divisions' Unknown Pleasures by Peter Saville (and in many other newspapers, journals, etc.).

The function is very simple and lightweight and only uses the MATLAB(R) built-in functions fill and plot. I am actually amazed that this wasn't programmed before, but there you go.

The figures are extremely customizable. I provided some documentation in the files section.


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Santiago Benito (2024). joyPlot - Ridgeline data representation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Se creó con R2019b
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Versión Publicado Notas de la versión

- Now it is possible to change the color of the stroke line as a function of the local height.
- New examples in the documentation show how to use this.