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version 6.0.4 (1.01 MB) by Reza
A toolbox fo calling SAP2000(CSiBRiDGE) by MATLAB


Updated 24 May 2021

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Today, in various fields of engineering, including structural and earthquake, much research is done concerning artificial intelligence and optimization. Structural analysis is required in the programming process in most of such studies. Researchers use different methods to solve this problem, one of the most effective of which is linking MATLAB software with powerful structural analysis software. SAP2000 software, founded in 1975 by CSI affiliated with Berkeley University, is one of the most powerful software. The software of CSI has been used by thousands of engineering firms in over 160 countries for the design of major projects, including the Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan, One World Trade Center in New York, the 2008 Olympics Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing, and the cable-stayed Centenario Bridge over the Panama Canal. CSI’s software is backed by more than four decades of research and development, making it the trusted choice of sophisticated design professionals everywhere.
The company offers CSI OAPI to link its products to programming languages based on the Visual Basic programming language and provides an example for other programming languages. In relation to MATLAB software, indirect commands are used for modeling, and string variables and vectors follow the Visual Basic commands, which creates problems for MATLAB programmers. In the SM toolbox, CSI OAPI commands are provided as explicit MATLAB functions, making it much easier for MATLAB programmers to use. The toolbox is also designed to support SAP2000 and CSi BRiDGE software from version 17 to the latest.
You can download instructions here

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Reza Javanmardi, Behrooz Ahmadi-Nedushan (2020), SM Toolbox (, Matlab Central File Exchange

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The main performance of this toolbox is to convert VBA functions to MATLAB functions and there is no need to access the content of the P file functions. You can download the instructions here.

Heghine Antonyan

I have downloaded the toolbox but I am unable to read the content of the functions, as they are in a .p file. Is there any way to create .m files out of them?
As the examples offered from CSI are based on VBA it's quite difficult to convert the language for matlab.
Thank you,
Best Regards


Hi Gennaro
No need to specify the installation path.
Best Regards

Gennaro Esposito

Hi Reza, I completed installation but cannot see where toolbox is. Is it with other toolboxes? When I start the installation I cannot choose the location, I would appreciate your help.


Gennaro Esposito


The link is safe and you can download the SM toolbox

saeed rostami lima

hi , how to download toolbox itself?
link seems to be crashed!!
سلام . خود تولباکس رو چه طور دانلود کنم ؟
ظاهرا لینک خرابه !!

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