Finding Mandel Ape in the Math Jungle

Was boring doing Cody, tweaked Mandelbrot code, some nice view along the journey, suddenly found the Mandel-Ape, see Side-by-Side comparison
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Actualizado 4 oct 2020

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This code does not use any special toolboxes, so it should work on any version.
On win10, takes about 5 sec to run, because I am only using 1000x1000 resolution,
for the color plot, you can try to plot it in different color scale, I found the copper
most satisfying.

I will be making this as windows app, in case if someone does not have Matlab, they
can enjoy this math wonder too.

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Pink_panther (2024). Finding Mandel Ape in the Math Jungle (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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