Linkage Mechanism (Mechanical Engineering)

The complete displacement diagram for all possible configuration of the linkages ...
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The command
xxx = mnism(r1,r3,l,r4,r5)
example: xxx = mnism(3,5,6,6,8) -----------(1)
gives two figures. The first shows 7 displacement curves and the second gives description. File
f4bar.fig -----------(2)
gives details.
r1,r2,r3,l - decide the mobility. The computed r2 value is given on the title line of the diagram. For given link lengths, point E, is related to the points B & C. Point B supplies two variables and these are controled by ?a? ? the crank angle. ?a? is the variable . This is included in the file
Tang.m ------------(3)
Curve C is processed algebraically -(Affaine variety & Groebner basis) and the results are in the files
X3fun.m ------------(4)
X4fun.m ------------(5)
A similar fate occurs for the point E. The files
X5fun.m ------------(6)
X6fun.m ------------(7)
do the processing.
Quadratic functions do the descriptions. Thiey are procesed in the file
Qfun.m ------------(8)
Four curves satisfy point E ? locus. Intermixing of the coodinate points is resolve by the file
Organize.m -----------(9)

The animation file is
animism.m --------------------------(10)
An example xxx = animism(3,5,6,7,8,1,10)
6th argument selects a particular configuration among {1,2,3,4}, and the 7th is the number of frames. The first 5 arguments are similar to the mnism.m.

The dynamic analysis is included in the file
Dymism.m -------------------------------(11)
An example [xxx1, xxx2] = dymism(3,5,6,7,8,1,1500,60)
6th is argument selects the particular configuration. 7th argument is the rpm of the crank. 8th argument is a particular angular position of the crank
xxx1 is (361X 13) matrix and it gives all details for any crank location.
It is also stored in link_age.dat file.
Xxx2 is the same as xxx1 but it is for particular crank position.
velo.m --------(12)
cvelo.m --------(13)
normalize.m ---(14)
are subroutines for (11)

zzz = allcurve(3,5,6,7,8,choice,a,n) gives atlas of curves , a is an nX2 matrix of morphism between a rigt triangle and the coupler plate.
Subroutines files are
Allcurve.m ------(15)
Acurve.m --------(16)

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C.G details and atlas of curves programs are included