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RF Impedance Matching Benchmark

versión 1.0.1 (600 KB) por Carlos Alberto Rodriguez
Some proposals are presented in the literature, and here we analyze them to see how fast and robust they are against different I.C.

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Actualizada 19 Mar 2021

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Impedance matching is the practice of designing the input impedance of an electrical load or the output impedance of its corresponding signal source to maximize the power transfer and minimize the reflection wave from the load. We simulate some proposals in the literature (Bacelli, Hirose, Ishida, Bezooijen, Cottee) and present a PI+Feedforward to analyze the performance of the system against different initial conditions, a perturbation in the load impedance, and distortion in the sensor.

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Carlos Alberto Rodriguez (2022). RF Impedance Matching Benchmark (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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