Radiation Heat Transfer Shape Factor (Mechnical Engineering)

Shape factor and area are generalized for any flat geometry.
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The file,
sfactor.m ; (example) xxx = sfactor(a).
calculates shape factor between two flat surfaces with arbitrary orientation and location.

(sfactor12.m and sfactor16.m are similar to sfactor.m but with 12 and 16 gauss-point integration. They are added newly for precission improvement. Check.dat is a sample data file. )

( Note: open(?radiation.fig?) command will give you the details of matrix a- radiation.fig file is newly added. It is a description with a figure)

It gives a1*f12, a2*f21, a1, a2, f12,f21. (a1-area of emitter, a2-area of receiver, f12- emitter factor, f21- receiver factor)
The gemetry is homotopically parametrized. The integration is achieved through numerical methods. (Gauss ?8-poits).
Two quadrilateral plates are considered for computations- an emitter and a receiver.
The coordinates of the nodes of the emitter and receiver form the matrix A. Vector methods are used to calculate necessary sub calculations. They are in the subroutines

Dot.m, cross.m , area.m, fun.m gass.dat.

For triangular plates, two nodes of the quadrilateral must be merged, so that two colums will have the same coordinates. The colums of A must be along a particular orientation. A is 3X8 matrix. All nodes are given 3 dimensional coordinates.
(Note : Numerical integration has its own limits, the user can check for the known geometry and decide)

It is a more generalized version, in the sense that any geometry can be factored into triangular or quadrilateral simplexes and then the data can be fed to this program..

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12,16 gausspoint integration is included via gass12.dat,gass16.dat,sfactor12.m,
sfactor16.m and a sample check.dat files